What is this?


I am a multi-instrumentalist and DIY producer. Since 2011 I have been recording music under my moniker 'Plastic Flowers'. I am usually backed by a live band, while for several releases I have worked with string quartets.

During high school I taught myself how to play the piano, guitar and drums, and while in college, I started releasing my first material. My debut vinyl release came out in late 2012 by Manic Pop Records and it was called ‘Aftermath’. It was a mini EP recorded with the help of a TASCAM 414 four-track. I usually record onto magnetic tape and have also learned how to program on MAX/MSP.

My debut album ‘Evergreen’ came out in 2014 via Inner Ear Records and Crash Symbols in the US. Two more albums followed,  ‘Heavenly’ in 2016 and ‘Absent Forever’ in 2017 -- both released via The Native Sound & Warner/ADA. The rest of my material is available on Spotify or Soundcloud.

I have toured Europe and USA extensively, and also shared the stage with numerous artists such as Bonobo, Paul Kalkbrenner, Nina Kraviz, Still Corners, A.R Kane and others. In 2013 I became the first Greek artist to participate at SXSW in Austin, TX. I have also performed live at the Royal Academy of Arts, Athens Concert Hall & Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

For several years I was accompanied by two close friends of mine, Angelos Paschalidis and Tim Charisis, who backed the project and toured with me regularly. In 2016, I released Heavenly, which marked the beginning of a new phase for Plastic Flowers as it was recorded exclusively by me.

The rhythmic driving power behind my sound lies in the counterpoint between an elaborate mixture of pumping acoustic beats and heavy synthesizers. My nostalgia for analog warmth and bedroom aesthetics can be heard throughout my songs as I home-record and produce my material.

With Absent Forever I tried to adopt a more shoegazey sound and experiment with drum recordings randomisation on MAX/MSP. I never toured for this album, however, several of the songs will most probably feature in future setlists. Originally, I planned to make this my farewell record, but after its completion I immediately started working on new material.

All my physical releases have been sold out, but if you are looking for those extra special vinyl, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. We could work something out.

I am now recording my new album, due out  in 2020. The working title is ‘Abandoned Palace/Land of Tomorrow’.