Georgios Samaras


I.  I am a PhD Researcher in Political Science, Onassis scholar, and recording artist. I often write for Kathimerini and HuffPost.

II. I work at the Department of European Studies at King's College London under the supervision of Dr. Nagore Calvo and Dr. Russell Foster. My research focuses on the rise of extreme right propaganda and media manipulation during the European debt crisis.  I specialise in qualitative data analysis & design.

III. Alongside my PhD I teach Authoritarianism at King’s College London.

IV. Since 2011 I have been recording music under the moniker Plastic Flowers. So far, I have released three full-length albums through the Native Sound and Inner Ear RecordsEvergreen, Heavenly and Absent Forever.

V. My work has been featured on Pitchfork, Vice UK, The Guardian, USA Today, BBC, Clash Magazine, DIY, Exclaim!, Vice Greece & others.